Paulina Garcia  ( aka Kenya ) was born & raised in Mexico.  
She emigrated to Canada were she lives for now the last 15 years. 

Antidota  was created early in 2018 & she has already placed new standards in the production of "Progressive"  &  "Psytrance"  music with great ideas to create music that stands out by her vocals & her melodies. 

Since Paulina's project came out, in just few months  Antidota  became a very well - known artist in many different countries all around the world & she already have shared the stage performing with many top notch artists of national & international stature. 

Antidota  recently had an official tour all over Mexico during the summer, participating in many major festivals including  Atmosphere Festival  the biggest psy trance festival in Mexico.  

Antidota  is currently on the prestigious labels of  Global Army Music  &  Zoo Music