Astro D

Astro D

Astro - D  aka  ( Skyway ) aka ( Dim Day ) is a Corfu / Hellas based multi genre music project helmed by  Dimitris Bletsas  

With several full length albums and tons of singles and EPs released this world trotting act continues to gain momentum across the planet with solid productions, memorable anthems, and top collaborations and remixes with many of the worlds leading bands and labels, who got his start DJing in Athens in the early 90's, spinning techno and breaks in several famous clubs.

In 2013 he released his first EP "Separate Reality" on Ovnimoon Records  reaching  up to number #17 on Beatport’s  Top 100 Psytrance chart.

Also in 2013 comes his second EP "Forestphonic" and single "Step Beyond" received support from well-known UK  based DJ  Lisa Lashes  also was included in her top 10 Beatport charts.

In 2014 his release on  Pharmacy Music  was supported by  Paul Van Dyk  &  Christopher Lawrence  

Another one remix for lost language was the epic “Into The Dawn” by  Accadia  that was included in the Top #20 for 2016 at  Trance Magazine  & 

His first number #1 hit came the next year with his remix of a classic trance track on  Andy Ling  "Fixation" ( Hooj Choons )

That also reached number #55 in the UK Singles Chart in 2000 and was released by  Lost Language  ( X-Hooj Choons )  

This massive track reached number #1 on Trance and Psytrance genres charts of Beatport.
His remix of the top hit  "Errorhead" by  Hux Flux  ( Spiral Trax ) & was featured as number #1 at Beatport’s “Must hear Psytrance”

Also his remix with  Chris Oblivion  "The Overlords Sundown" went to number #1 at Juno’s Top 100 Psytrance for 3 weeks straight. 

The "Party Alien" album reach number #1 at juno Top 100 albums for 2 weeks & with his collab with  Etnica  hit also number #1 at TOP 100 Tracks and number #3 at top cds on Psyshop.

In his nonstop touring  Astro - D  has had the distinct honor to have played alongside top notch Psy acts as:  Laughing Buddha / Max Etnica / Hux Flux  / Spirit Architect / DJ Shane Gobi  / Miranda / Tristan / Logic Bomb  / Mechanimal / Pulsar / Talamasca / M-Theory  / Cosmosis Total Eclipse / Juno Reactor / Outsiders and many more. 

In 2012 he performed at (Aurora festival), (I Love You Fest) and (Underground Noise + Space Alchemy Lab) parties.

In 2013 he performed at (Dance Xperience Festival) and (41Mountain Gathering) 

In 2014 invitations from (Earth Drop Festival) & for the second time for (41Mountain Gathering) 

In 2016 attends (Tour de mars) in Amsterdam.

In 2017 he’s booked for (Tree of Life Festival), (Genesis Festival) and (Samsara Fest) in Hungary.

In 2018  starts (3) three U.S.A tours, (Psylab) in Italy and lot of indoor events over Europe.

In 2019  Astro D  performed at (Ozora Festival) in California U.S.A  and joined exclusive with the Hellenic based agency  Medussa Bookings

Worth mentioning are the officially supported and highly acclaimed releases of remixes that were created under his fingertips for artists like: Etnica / Astral Projection  / Shakta / Cosmosis / Overlords / Manmademan / Ubar Tmar  / Prana / Braincell / Hux Flux / Logic Bomb