Inner State

Inner State

Originating from Thessaloniki Hellas, Marios Karakasidis developed a strong passion for music at a very early age. He first came in contact with the psy - trance genre during his studies in the UK in the late 90s

His sounds is all about connecting with the listeners through high - energy releases with lush atmospheric melodies and fat low end that makes the floor shake, this is  Inner State

In 2004, while deepening his knowledge on music production he joined as label dj first at the german based label  Spin Twist Records  & set out to ignite his own music productions under the official name  Inner State  With his unique approach to music production soon gave him his first releases and gigs. 

In early 2007 he joined forces with the german label  Iono-Music  where there had further releases, Eps  & the release of his first solo album  “Terraforma”  in early 2011 

In 2015 after several releases comes the 2nd album  "Modus Operandi"  that was launched also on the german based label  Iono - Music  

In 2018  Inner State  signed up to the canadian label  TechSafari Records  & he is currently working on several new, mind blowing releases, something worthwhile to anticipate...