Invisible Reality

Invisible Reality

Shamil Abramov  was born in Azerbaijan in 1981 & he emigrated to Israel in 1994 to the northern city of Maalot. 

Igor Sorin  was born in Belarus in 1985 & he emigrated to Israel in 1990 to the northern city of Maalot. 

In 2002 Invisible Reality was  conceived when Shamil & Igor started to cooperate. Then realised that people should see the reality through their passion to Progressive  /  Psytrance music that is deep in their blood, they live it and they breathe it!

The production is with unique sound and direction.
Many releases are on leading psytrance labels as their music is one of the most wanted material for label releases. 

In 2007  Invisible Reality  joins the german based label  Iono - Music 

In 2009 comes their debut album "Visibility" that showed progressive music fans, a new point of viewing & already released many tracks.

In 2011 they released their second album named "Parallel fantasy" which gave to the audience a new unique sound. 

In 2015 came their third album "Underworld" released in February with crisp sound.   

In 2018  Invisible Reality  released their 4th album "Re.Gen"  on  Blue Tunes Records  

Colaborations with legends like  Atmos   /  Haldolium  /  Oforia  & also Remixes for nowdays top notch stars like  Ritmo  /  Inner State  /  Mindwave  and many more.

Each of them (Shamil & Igor) has his own skills to make magic in their music.

Igor is completely a gorgeous musician and a composer that learned music from early age. 
Shamil is with great technical power and sound skills but both together they make amazing music.

Invisible Reality  promise never to stop making and improve their music and always to be original.

They had already played many times abroad in major festivals & european countries like Germany, Switzerland, Denmark & many more.  

Invisible Reality  can be described also as psychedelic project with their mystic sounds that enters you to a Reality that u cannot see without this music. Just press play & enter the joy!

Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are...