True to his slogan "break the rules"  Mindsurfer  gives credit to his name. 

Mindsurfer  as live - act and producer from  Sinsonic Records  he likes to experiment with the unconventional and sets himself and to his music no boundaries.

Roger Gnos  is riding the waves of electronic sounds since 2005 with his psytrance project  Mindsurfer  inspired by  Pink Floyd  /  Depeche Mode  /  Yello  he often like to work with analogue synthesizers. 

His wide horizon makes itself noticed trough diversity. In the genres of  Progressive  /  House  /  Psytrance  and  Minimal  he plays with expectations and boldly combines what usually does not work together. Melodic and harmonic parts combined with dirty basslines represent his sound. These are fresh tracks with high demands. 

Roger Gnos  is a web mastermind & the label manager of swiss based label  Sinsonic Records

But that was not all, none of his ideas remain unexploited. Together with  Goma  he initiated the successful project  Mode Modular  and as Roger Mills  he is into experiments with  Dubstep  /  Drum  &  Bass  and  Techno  since 2011