Sonic Sense

Sonic Sense

Sonic Sense  ( Winnie Pooh )

One of Israel's talents in electronic music, with a career on top of the scene.

In 1987  Igal Isachar   ( Issa )  Yakubov  was born in the Russian Federation

In 1992 his family emigrated to Israel when Isachar then was 5 years old.

At the young age of 13  Isachar for first listened to psy trance and fell in love with it.

In 2008 Isachar started producing trance music & began performing at events under the name  Vocal Designer  

In 2010  Isachar met  Tal Auday  & then began a collaboration which resulted  Timeless  project.

Timeless  produced several releases and  EP's  at  Synergetic  /  Digital Nature  /  YSE Records  &  Amplitudes with many more labels.  

In 2012  due to musical differences Isachar decided then to go solo with his career & musical direction

After he began the launch of  Sonic Sense  project which has thus far produced several chart topping releases for many leading trance labels such as  Iono - Music  /  Iboga Records  /  TechSafari Records  & recently on  Dacru Records